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We created this page to brief you on how we do things here at SenpAI. Here you can find general explanations about the calculations, charts and scoring. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us!


Lol Pro Player

Pre-Game Analysis is a component that automatically launches upon finding a match and analyzes your team's stats, displays ranks, KDAs & win rates in the champion selection phase.

You can display counters regarding the enemy team champions, pick one of them or choose from the meta champion pool that SenpAI suggests according to the current patch version. Upon your selection, you can import PRO-PLAYER BUILDS with just one click and see Quick Tips to help you in-game.

In addition to all, SenpAI also calculates your performance after the game with pivotal metrics, pointing out your strengths and weaknesses in order to lead you to an improved version of your gameplay.


Your SenpAI Profile consists of everything you need to know about your performance, from your Ranked stats to your general behavior as a player and complete match history with detailed analysis.

Check your SenpAI rank based on your SenpAI Score to see your standing, see your go-to roster with Most Played With, watch your growth over weeks in the Tier Graph and see your Role-Based Performance in the last 20 games with the Champions you have mostly played to get to know your habits. SenpAI Profile also provides a full list of your Match History that you can filter regarding roles, champions, or seasons.




We have created Performance Tracking to show you how far you are above or below the next tier and to compare yourself with other players in the League. This tracking calculates average metrics of your selected role, compares them with the rank you are in and the next one or with another player.

For each metric, you can check your performance and see how much more you should achieve to be promoted to the next tier, which is your Target.

We also provide a chart based on the role you have selected, for you to track your overall performance with the champions you have played with.


SenpAI analyzes your games and checks for all the data that is significant for a League of Legends game. See your and your team’s overall scores aided by graphics on Fighting, Ganking, Objectives, Vision, and Survivability to aim for the next tier.

Through our Versus graphic, you can compare your match-based performance with Pros and other ranks. Keep in mind that a Pro’s game is usually shorter and their playstyle is aimed for micro and macro dominance.

Therefore, you may see that your certain scores are higher than a Pro’s, yet this doesn’t mean that you have surpassed their level. Pro play has different mechanics and their earnings towards the minute 10 and 15 differ from the much longer game durations that occur in the lower ELOs. SenpAI suggests that you compare yourself with players in the rank you currently belong or the rank above, to better scale yourself.




As our ultimate goal is to maximize your gaming experience & overall gameplay, we have merged SenpAI’s powerful AI analysis with professional player tips and launched the Live Coaching Program. Selected professionals and high-elo players guide you through your playstyle within 1v1 sessions, compiled with the analytic in-game data provided by SenpAI.


There is nothing better than learning from the experience; thus for our New Challengers, we are determined to offer an environment that combines a professional point of view with practicing.

To show you how it could be like, SenpAI constantly spectates pro player games. With the help of Computer Vision and AI technologies, we produce video highlights from games played by professionals; not just some random videos, but personalized ones. Play Like a Pro is designed to offer you pro-player video highlights based on your own in-game analysis. They exactly match your champion and playstyle and pinpoint your weaknesses in that particular game; all to prepare you for the next challenge.

Pro Player



SenpAI Score is our assessment value to point out what you do best and where you need some improvement in gameplay.

In order to calculate this, SenpAI collects the statistics of over 50 million matches and their participant performances. After gathering your own performance, our algorithm scores you based on personalized data by comparing it with essentially every other player on the same segment (role, champion class, or rank depending on the circumstance).

From 0 to 100, SenpAI Score indicates where your performance lies in the spectrum, compared with other players.